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$19.95 / Perfectbound
ISBN: 9781608444243
200 pages
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About the Book

This book discusses how family values are the necessary safety valves when raising children and how false the assumption that it “takes a village to raise a child” really is.

It leads the reader through a chronological discussion of financial crisis, starting with Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 to the ignorance of progressive liberals in Congress of the looming financial crisis. It discusses how community action groups were precipitous in the failure of our economic system by demanding social precursors to sound business principles. It discusses the evolution of economic nihilism.

It discusses, in detail, the junk science being used by anthropogenic global warming zealots, by using real scientific data, and why some wish to push their agenda onto the American people.

The book dispels myths associated with campaign contributions. It discusses how some politicians are beholding to special interest groups to further their political agenda. It discusses real campaign finance reform and why term limits are so necessary.

It discusses how an elitist mentality has taken over the leadership of this nation and how it is causing so much damage to our national agenda. The book talks about the serious disconnect we have between the people living on the coasts and the people living in the middle of this nation and why we may have to separate this nation, much as the Soviet Union did.

The book talks about how we spend more per student on our education than just about all nations. Yet, we fail to meet up to the standards of many nations who spend far less.

It conducts an in-depth study of the Koran and reveals two verses of the Koran stating where “God leads man astray” and where it advocates the actual rape and beating of wives. It describes the superstitious tribal origins of Islam and how they play a significant role in its teaching today. It describes where Christianity, in the guise of tolerance, has cast aside its moral authority. It discusses the concept of xenotheonihilism and its history.